Well hello there.

I am: Emily,
a College Student,
from Orlando, Florida,
FSC '17,
a Representative of District V Troupe 5115,
an International Thespian,
a Techie,
a BFA technical theatre major,
a Ravenclaw,
a Leo,
possibly suicidal.
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Some people are just more holier than you.

I can’t depend on anyone to make me happy. But I can’t make myself happy so I don’t know what to do. My big is leaving and I can’t be dependent on her keeping me in line and help me get my shit together. I’m hating my friends. There do nothing for me, but I do the world for them. My emotions are going everywhere. There’s no stopping that either.

Can I get more info from someone who has dissociation?

I’m acting up. I think I know why but don’t want to come to terms with it.


dick had me like

I honestly have never bottled this many emotions at the same time. I’m on the verge of crying anytime someone yells at me. I don’t feel happy. I just don’t want to be like this anymore. It’s crazy how much teachers can really effect your emotions and how you go about your day. After Jim called me unreliable I just wanted to drop right then and there. Also 2 women came in looking for Mary T and I took them to the theatre when I went to go look for her. When I found her I told her that 2 women are here for her. She bitched saying that I should know who they and are and what they want. Things like that are chipping at me and I can’t fucking stand shit like this anymore. One of these days I’m going to break. It’s horrible just thinking about it. I can envision myself doing it now and wondering what will happen during this break. I just need help and want life to go back to what it was.

Does anyone remember the barbie video and it references Rosie O’ Donnell at the end and continuously kept saying OHMAIGAWD?

I’m in one of those moods where I don’t feel comfortable with myself anymore. Again. It’s like everyone I know is so confident with themselves and I still struggling to figure out who I am still. I know that my personality is not going to change and stuff from that nature but regardless people know who they like and have romantic relations with others and I’m just sitting here like a blob. Just there. It’s annoying that I can never have someone, ANYONE, to at least flirt with. It’s getting to the point that I’m getting really needy and it’s annoying me. I need to talk to someone about my feelings and pretty much anything but I don’t know where to start. I don’t know where this is going but I just want someone to love compassionately and be intimate with someone.  

This girl just got google glass.

Day 19: OUAT gathering with Layla and Bruner. Day 20: Electra rehearsal. Day 21: Yay, new lumber. Day 22: Glitterfied Lacey’s car. #100happydays #19outof100 #20outof100 #21outof100 #22outof100

Day 18: Everyone this is my bestfriend. No matter what we do or however much she claims that she’s boring I never have a full moment with her. She pretty much knows everything about me and we can pretty much talk about everything. She is my poop and my honeybee and I her emu. Love you Gaby 😘 #100happyday #day18outof100

Day 15 and 16: Thank you Bruner for letting me stay at your place in Tallahassee. Day 17: Getting a sandwich kiss makes my day so much better #100happydays #day15outof100 #day16outof100 #day17outof100

Day 12: Got to PCB. Meet up with people with a bonfire. Day 13: Beach day! Then Tiki Bar. Day 14: Marina Catina. #100happydays #day12outof100 #day13outof100 #day14outof100

Day 10: I didn’t know you could have prairie dogs as pets. Day 11: Who’s excited for Spring Break?! #100happydays #10outof100 #11outof100

Matching big/little princess tattoos. We are awesome. Just saying. @lacelynnlites #100happydays #9outof100